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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Camera Types

I had someone email and ask what types of cameras were being used, so I thought I'd drop in for a moment and answer that.

Firstly, both Womanofscorn and I have the same type of digital camera; a Canon A95 Powershot. I have some add-on lenses but haven't gotten to use them yet, but when I do (if I post any of those pics) I'll let you know. It's a great camera for a not-too farout price, so I'd suggest it to anyone.

Secondly, I know what type of camera Bonnie (aka zephyrbird) uses so I can post that here too. She has a Sony Mavica FD-88, so anytime you see entries by her it's usually from that camera.

As for anyone else, I have no clue but hope that they'll drop that info in the next submission and we'll pass it along. So there... question answered! :)
-Loki Ho